When Herman Cortez conquered Mexico in 1521, he not only captured the vast wealth of Aztec gold, but he also introduced the world to the perfect snack – the tortilla. Doritos are tortilla corn chips – literally translated from the Spanish “Doritos” means “little bits of gold”.
In 1984 Doritos Tortilla chips rose up from Mexico and made their way across the Pacific to take Australia by storm. Finally, snack-starved Aussies were able to dive into irresistible bags of Doritos.
Today we can enjoy the many flavours of Doritos: Original, Cheese Supreme, Nacho Cheese and Mexicana. We also make salsa, the perfect accompaniment to Doritos Tortilla chips. Doritos Salsa comes in Mild, Medium and Hot.


Unsurprisingly for a corn based snack, Doritos start life as corn on the cob. We harvest whole corn kernels before cleaning and grading them so that only the best go on to become Doritos.
The corn kernels now get a right going over. We cook them, soak them and wash them before grinding them into dough. This dough then gets pounded, kneaded and rolled flat into thin sheets, which are cut into the classic Doritos shape - it's tough love, but worth it.
But there's more to come. The chips are toasted and then fried, before heading for the tumbling drum, where they tumble round and round while having their flavour added to them. Now that the chips are fully loaded with bold and intense flavour (if a bit dizzy), they go through a final quality control phase before being weighed out and put into packets.
The next thing they know, they're being eaten by hungry folk who want a tasty treat. But don't feel sorry for them, it's what they would have wanted.

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