Meal Hacks

Check out these below Doritos Recipes to make your meals more exciting! With a bit of Doritos magic, you’ll be taking your pasta, toasties and chicken schnitty to another level.

Need some inspiration? Watch the snazzy recipe & guide videos below to see how you can Doritos-fy your favourite dishes in a few simple steps

  • Beef Nachos Doritos-fied

    There’s so much to love about nachos. Really make it your own with a couple of Doritos and Doritos salsa taking everyone’s favourite snack to the next level. Watch the video to make the best nachos snack, today!

  • Seasoning Doritos Recipe

    This is a bold statement, but we reckon this hack has the power to change lives. Just get a pepper grinder, fill it with Doritos and you’ve got the only seasoning you could ever need!

  • Avocado on Toast Doritos Recipe

    Love a bit of a smashed avo on toast? Just wait until you load it up with Doritos salsa. It’s how you take a good snack and turn it into something truly awesome. Go on, you know you want to!

  • Mac & Cheese Doritos Recipe

    Nothing hits the spot like mac and cheese. But if you’re serious about snacking, you can give the dish a tangy and bold twist with Doritos Cool Ranch! This video will show you can add a big flavour hit with a very small amount of effort.

  • Chicken Doritos Recipe

    Why use bread crumbs to coat your chicken, when you can use Doritos?! Yep, it works a treat. Trust us, this is one Doritos-fied snack you gotta try!

  • Toastie Doritos Recipe

    Wanna add a golden brown quality to your toasted sandwich? Just put the butter on the outside. Wanna take your toastie up to 11? Put a couple of Doritos and Doritos salsa between those bread slices for a crunchy bite. You won’t regret it!